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"Reviens !", the new single of Les 3 Fromages !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On September 17th, Les 3 Fromages, Rock'N'Drôle artists that we don't present anymore, offered us a new single entitled "Reviens !".

The sound of Les 3 Fromages is always present! After years of career, the group does not run out of steam and our pleasure is intact by listening to them!

A rhythm which will not fail to make jump the small punk in you, lyrics written with always as much humor and finesse, there is what to be delighted with this novelty!

We will note the music video, which images very well the song, speaking to us about modern love, where the temptation on the net is always at hand!

Of course, we need the usual dose of humor to appreciate this single at its true value and second degree! Everyone gets a kick out of it, from the woman who is only needed to keep the house, to the infidelity of the man, unable to get by without her.

In short, we laugh, we jump, we sing, we enjoy... A great Les 3 Fromages that makes you want to say "If there's a little more, leave it to me, mister the cheesemaker".

We urge you to discover the song and its official music video! Enjoy !

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