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Saru2S shows us his tormented mind with "J'sais plus quoi penser"

For his first release of the year, Saru2S releases 'J'sais plus quoi penser', an introspective track that leads us to reflection.

Let's talk about Saru2S first

Saru2S, whose real name is Trystan Manniez, is a young French rapper. Starting to rap in middle school, his texts and his flow evolved as he did. His texts and fast raps published on networks and streaming platforms have even led him to participate in 'La France A Un Incroyable Talent' for his record of words in one minute.

'J'sais plus quoi penser', second track of an EP to be released on February 16th!

Last month we had already discovered 'Démons', first track of the next EP of the artist. And even if this track revealed a little more about the young rapper, it is in this track released this Sunday, January 15th that Saru2S opens his heart and explains his torments and thoughts.

And if this news could delight you, know that the track is released with a video clip ! Shot on the streets of a nice city, we can even see NerodBeat, beat maker of most of Saru2S' tracks (including this one). And in only three days, the clip approaches the 6,5k of views!

This sound makes us feel confident for this year 2023 and we can't wait to hear more! In the meantime, you can listen to 'Démons' and 'J'sais plus quoi penser' on all plateforms !

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