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'Wake Up Right Now' and go listen to the new Scarlean song !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On Friday, May 13th we could discover the new single of Scarlean entitled 'Wake Up Right Now' through - as a bonus - its music video!

We immediately recognize the very metal sound but also the very personal signature of Scarlean. The atmosphere is immediately set, the music leaves no room for doubt, we are going to speak frankly, possibly brutally, about a touching and deep subject.

Indeed, if Scarlean asks us to wake up without further delay, it is to speak about the distressing report of the impact of humanity on its own planet.

While keeping a wide spectrum so that everyone can find his own definition of what's wrong in this world and what we are responsible for, the lyrics and the video obviously give us concrete examples, going from dehumanization, lack of compassion, selfishness, to ecology.

Scarlean wants to be clear and direct and attacks, smashing the closed door of our comfort zone, it is time to wake up or it will be simply too late...

A strong message therefore, carried by the bewitching voice of Alex supported and reinforced by the group of musicians as talented as inspired. Message which clearly at the end of the music video, puts us face to face with ourselves. We are our own judges, jurors, executioners, having the power of redemption if we agree to question ourselves and to change at last!

A nugget to be discovered urgently ! Wake up right now and go listen to Scarlean !

We would also like to say a big thank you to the band for including us in the 'special thanks to' sectin at the end of the music video. Guys, you should know that when it is so good, Earama supports ;)

P.S : This song is the first one of their upcoming album and they opened a crowdfunding for it ! Click here to help them !

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