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A 'Den Den' call to tell you to listen to the new Saru2S & NerodBeat EP !

Released on February 16, 2023 at midnight, the EP was highly awaited by the fans and did not disappoint !

We recently told you about 'Demons' (released on December 4th 2022) and 'J'sais plus

quoi penser' (released on January 15th, 2023), titles of the EP released this month, which you can find the articles in our press section.

These two titles, released before the EP, were less about manga, and let us discover more about the artist himself, his inner demons and his thoughts about the world around us. And the 5 other tracks that we could discover at the release of the EP follow the same path !

'Demandez-moi' is more of an introspection, "Pas L'Time" a discovery of his lifestyle... Each track has its own importance and meaning.

The eponymous track of the EP, 'Den Den', has even been given its own music video !

A music video which reveals Saru2S and Nerod in various shots, and sometimes even in the middle of the dance troupe of the Jean-Luc Habel center ! We can even see Nerod playing a little guitar solo ! If you haven't seen it yet, you can catch up by clicking here :

You can listen to the EP "Den Den" which is available on all platforms! And to buy the CD and/or the merch, it's here !

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