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'A Restless Fire', the new single made in Maxthor

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It is on April 14th 2022 that Maxthor offers us a new single entitled 'A Restless Fire'!

We can find there the groovy and Synthwave sound of Maxthor, the one we can't get tired of! And even if the style of this Electro band is recognizable, they always know how to bring new beats and some change! A sound that takes us elsewhere, on a soft and catchy vibe, dark lyrics and yet full of hope; Maxthor made it strong!

The lyrics bring us back to someone who's lost, someone who feels alone and who sometimes doesn't even know who he is anymore. Someone who doesn't know where to go and who tends to hit rock bottom. But, that spark, that fire that burns within him keeps him fighting and keeps him alive.

After all, we all have that fire burning inside of us, something that drives us, our little flame. And every time we get lost, every time we don't know who we are anymore, every time we enter that dark part of our mind, that little flame is there to show us the way and push us forward!

We will also notice that it is the third consecutive song during these last three months. Would Maxthor have something in store for us next month too?

Nothing is declared but one thing is sure: we love it and we want more!

Congratulations to Maxthor for this new track available on all platforms!

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