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Maxthor just released a new track that will take you 'Far Away' !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This Friday, January 14th, Maxthor offered us a new track full of sensations and emotions. It had been almost a year since the band had released a track completely belonging to them and it did not disappoint us !

Indeed, this new single starts quite calmly and rises crescendo to take us to the first verse. We can also find two phrases "I'll take you far away" and "step into the void before it's too late" that we will find again in the chorus.

The music is catchy and inspiring, as always with Maxthor ! The rhythm makes us want to 'vibe' on these so deep lyrics. A desire to escape in an introspective journey thanks to its lyrics but also to dance and to be carried by this melody so catchy.

We can also find the 'making of' the song on the Instagram account of the band!

You will have understood, I urge you here to go listen (or listen again if it is already done) to this catchy track that makes us want to 'vibe' far away from here ! Enjoy !

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