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Across The Divide at the Festif l'Art, an unforgettable performance !

On July 7, 2023, we were at the 14th edition of Festif l'Art to attend the Across The Divide concert on the off stage!

Across The Divide, du métal français comme on en raffole !

Hailing from both sides of France, Across The Divide has captured the hearts of French metalheads over the years. With 2 albums and 2 EPs to their credit (including one released this year), the band has already opened for Betraying The Martyrs in 2020 at Le Réacteur, Dream On Dreamer and Novelist in 2013 at Le Zèbre de Belleville and Normandie and Imminence in 2014 at Klub de Paris. However, the band whose inspirations include Make Them Suffer, Betraying The Martyrs and Wage War, didn't stop at opening acts, but also embarked on their own European tour in 2016 !

A show at the Festif L'Art

Festif l'Art is a festival organized every year by Asso Siffl'art in northern Seine-et-Marne. With 9,000 festival-goers for their 13th edition, they've bounced back with an equally successful fourteenth.

And even if we're interested in the festival, we'd like to talk about the band Across The Divide, who appeared on the

Scène Off at around 9pm. A set in which the band played their best-known sounds to their fans, as well as tracks from their latest EP, which got the crowd going just as hard.

Fans in attendance and music blazing, that's what we found at Festif L'Art that day,

but also people who had come to listen, who didn't fail to leave with some of the band's merchandising, such was the effect of their on-stage performance!

It was also at this festival that the band presented its new merchandise, which you can find here !

All in all, it was a colorful fourteenth edition of Festif L'Art, at which the band Across The Divide captured the hearts of festival-goers with a transcendent performance !

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