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'Get High' with this new track of Shapeshifted !

It is on January 12th of this new year that the Rock'N'Roll band Shapeshifted released their new track entitled 'Get High', accompanied by a music video.

Shapeshifted, a band that's going strong since 2011.

It is 12 years ago now that the band was born. During these years, they have released 4 EPs and 2 albums, and just announced the third one!

They quickly became a huge success as their song "If You Got A Problem (Spit It Out)" was for months in the top 20 of VirginRadio Italy and N°9 of the top 10 of Rolling Stones Magazine Italy.

A band that knew how to please from the very beginning and that still pleases as much!

"Get High", new track of a new album.

It is with the release of the song 'Get High' that the band announced on the networks the date of the new album entitled 'Gimme Rock'N'Roll' : March 2023. You can pre-order the album today by clicking here !

And it is with pleasure and impatience that we wait for it. Indeed, this new title makes our mouths water and we can't wait to hear what's next.

Shapeshifted is known to be a band of pure Rock'N'Roll, and this title does pass the test. We find the slightly saturated guitar, as well as the hoarse and Punk voice of Marc, singer and guitarist of the band.

It is undoubtedly a track that you will be eager to discover live and it is perfect, because the band already announced three new dates ! And more are to come ! You'll have more information here and don't hesitate to follow them very closely to not miss any news!

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