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First french headline show for Smash Into Pieces at la Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris !

On November 22, 2023, we were at the Machine Du Moulin Rouge to attend a concert by Smash Into Pieces, accompanied by Cyan Kicks.

Smash Into Pieces, a Swedish rock with an electro edge

Smash Into Pieces à la Machine du Moulin Rouge
Photo by : Eden Bisiot.

The band was founded in 2008 by Benjamin Jennebo (the band's guitarist and a member of BLUECHAIN), and signed to Sony Music in 2012. That same year, Smash Into Pieces won a Bandit Rock Award for 'Revelation of the Year'. The band released 8 albums, opening for Amaranth, Alter Bridge and Halestorm. And much to their credit, it was this year that they were able to make their first French date as headliners, just a few months after getting third place at Melodifestivalen!

Cyan Kicks à la machine du Moulin Rouge
Photo by : Eden Bisiot.

Cyan Kicks, a mix of genres from Finland

Cyan Kicks, a band that mixes electro with rockier riffs and pop allures, was born in 2015. The band, signed to Ranka Kustannus since its inception, has already released 2 EPs and 2 albums. And after many complications, the band is finally beginning to tour arounf the world, including their first French date, which hapenned with Smash Into Pieces!

Cyan Kicks à la Machine du Moulin Rouge
Photo by : Eden Bisiot.

More Rock at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

Well-known among rock and metal fans, the venue welcomed these two up-and-coming bands and around 800 fans on Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

Cyan Kicks arrived at around 8:30 p.m. with a half-hour set that fans enjoyed a lot. The band played their most popular songs, such as 'Hurricane' and 'Gasoline'. Atypical looks on stage for a music that's just as out of the ordinary, a heavy guitar and a bass that vibrates in the ribcage, and a smiling singer who has fun on stage, jumping and dancing, but who also can't stop expressing her gratitude for being on a French stage with a receptive audience.

Smash Into Pieces à la Machine du Moulin Rouge
Photo by : Eden Bisiot.

The band leave the stage with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, giving way to Smash Into Pieces, although the singer will return at the end of the evening to sing with the headliner. The crowd goes wild with each new member who takes the stage, right up to the legendary APOC, the band's drummer and emblematic figure.

The set design is based around him and the screen at the back of the stage. Every phrase APOC utters is a clue to the song to come. He can't talk to the audience outside the stage set, but that doesn't stop him from interacting with them and coming down to throw some t-shirts into the crowd alongside Chris Adam, the band's singer.

The setlist included 'Arcadia', 'All Eyes On You' and 'Let Me Be Your Superhero', but also a few surprises, such as a cover of 'Mad World' during the encore, followed by the famous 'Six Fit Under'. It was to this cover that fans lit their flashbulbs, covered by stickers distributed by a small group of people at the start of the concert.

Smash Into Pieces à la Machine du Moulin Rouge
Photo by : Eden Bisiot.

After the show, fans lined up from outside to the merchandising stand, where a signing session awaited them.

To sum up, Smash Into Pieces are a band very close to their fans, their community, and out of love for them, they gave their all on stage. A concert not to be missed, and one we can't wait to relive!

Check out the photos of the concert on our journalist/photographer's website!

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