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Imagine Dragons, 30,000 people for a royal welcome at Château de Chambord !

On September 8, we were at the Château de Chambord for the Chambord Live to see the world-renowned band Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons, a band that needs no introduction

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And yet, that's what we're going to do in just a few lines.

Imagine Dragons is a pop-rock band born in 2008 in Las Vegas. With 74 million albums sold (for only 5 albums released), the band has been making its mark on the international scene since its early years, with titles like 'Demons' and 'Radioactive', and more recently with 'Enemy', the original title of the 'Arcane' series available on Netflix.

A unique show, on an unusual stage

There's nothing quite like playing on a stage in the courtyard of one of France's most beautiful châteaux for a band of such renown. And that's the whole point of Chambord Live: to bring music and passion to a historic site, bringing together the history of a place and the history of artists for a unique event.

Photo by Corentin Charbonnier

The chateau courtyard was home to the main stage, as well as a village of 25 food-trucks and bars, where DJ Da Julian began to rumble the bass from his amps on a stage powered entirely by the solar power plant set up by Groupe Roy Energie, from 4pm onwards. The atmosphere was one of music and smiling fans, cups or slices of pizza in hand, enjoying the moment and waiting patiently for what was to come.

It was around 5.30pm that the first notes could be heard on the main stage, where Y opened

Design by DaVinci Studio

the dance before giving way to the band Thelmaa, from Tours. The pit fills up with each new band as AJR takes the stage. The New York band took advantage of the opportunity to play under a magnificent sunset, perfect for great photos in the golden hour.

At 9:30 p.m., we entered the gold pit, amidst the fans and media, to welcome with the 30,000-strong crowd present that day the long-awaited Imagine Dragons, who made a grand entrance with the title track 'My Life'. This was followed by numerous of the band's iconic tracks, such as 'Believer' and 'Thunder', giving us a very well thought-out setlist that moved us between older and brand-new songs.

We were treated to several sprays of confetti, adding to the festive atmosphere that no one would have wanted to miss. The isual transitions between songs from the various albums were nothing other than videos that we could admire on these screens, adding to the wonderment already present in the hearts of the fans.

Photo by Corentin Charbonnier

And if we thought we'd already seen a lot, it was at the end of the last song of the set, 'The Fall', that an incredible 4-minute fireworks show took place before our very eyes, between the stage and the castle, which was illuminated by the colors of the songs throughout the concert.

To Sum Up...

It was an unforgettable concert not only for the fans, but also for ChambordLive, which this year had 500 employees on the night of the concert, working a total of 5,000 hours to get this night to happen, and which will be back in 2024!

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