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'La Haine', the new single of Switch The MC

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On June 2nd, Switch The MC released his first single of 2022 entitled 'La Haine'. A rhythmic mix of French and English, a new concept that brings us many punchlines and show us the flow and the creativity of the artist !

And let's not stop there ; the music video is also available ! Having already surpassed over 9.5k views, the new single from the British rapper is loved by his fans, surpassing the audience of most of his other videos (and in such a short time)! The video was produced by SVN Production and edited by Junior Ratchel.

By the way, did you spot the new Switch The MC logo at the very beginning of the clip? It was done by Hilldraws (@_hill_draws_ on Instagram)!

As mentioned earlier in this article, the artist chose to mix English and French, creating a new concept, a new style. Switch The MC told us this about it:

"This is the first single from my upcoming EP. This song is the first step in a new direction for me as an artist. Mixing French and English to create a new style of music and also a bridge between the two cultures."

The artist also told us that the EP will be released on the 14th of July 2022 !

In the meantime, you can go listen/stream the song on all platforms by clicking here!

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