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'PROTEST, PROGRESS' a song screaming 'Revolution' !

Today, August 19th, Scarlean release 'PROTEST PROGRESS', a song from their upcoming album that will be released on September 16th.

'PROTEST PROGRESS' is a good metal track, pushed just enough to make us want to headbang in rhythm. The guitars go wild, sending us into a trance, while Alex spits out poignant and direct lyrics, advocating rebellion through self-acceptance, of one's dark side, and to show it clearly to the world.

The text of this new song of the French Metal band Scarlean shows us the way to follow. A path that deviates from the sayings and rules imposed by society, by the population, that forces us to be or act as if or that.

"You'd better be afraid of the ghost. He'll surely bites your soul" can be precisely this dark part of oneself, which can be the one to accept because it would scare the people more than the mask we show them every day, or this dark part that should scare us more than the population that deprives us to express ourselves.

All this is illustrated by a clip whose images were filmed in their recording studio, showing the musicians in full action and the singer offering us his most beautiful notes while displaying on his face this resentment, this desire to be reborn... All the emotions of this song which gives us things to think about.

To summarize, 'PROTEST PROGRESS' defends the idea of the acceptance of oneself and the others and of each one's dark side while being in margin of this so tyrannical society.

And if you fell under the charm of the strong messages that Scarlean makes pass in their songs, let's meet again on September 16th for the release of their new album, or in one of their next dates of concert!

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