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Scarlean come back with a new title from their newt album !

It is on July 15, 2022 that the metal band Scarlean publishes on YouTube their new track accompanied by its music video.

This new masterpiece entitled 'No Remedy' takes us into the dark and intoxicating universe of Scarlean. They take us there to tell us a story. The story of a person who loses hope little by little, but who hangs on, facing the lyrics that tell him that this is the end, and that he has to let go, that there is no solution, no cure.

The instrumental also makes us feel the descent into hell until the breaking point. Until the notes of piano played by Alex, the chords of guitars and basses as well as the blows of the drums make us feel the battle, the inner chaos with maybe the desire to get out of it while knowing that it is the end.

When the instrumental picks up after the piano notes, we can feel the breaking point, the moment when everything has finally changed, the point of no return. They offer us a last chorus that is like a cry of acceptance of the end of this inner battle, to sink totally.

The music video offers us a similar vision, but not exactly the same. We see a young woman, accompanied by a doll that she carries like a child. Perhaps this is the origin of her pain? She then immerses herself in a bath from which she emerges to face this dark part of the world or of herself, which tames her and which she accepts completely. Perhaps she drowned in this bath and came out on the other side of the world.

We can therefore conclude that it is a masterpiece for the eyes as well as for the ears. This new track whose music video has already reached more than 11k views, will be part of the next album of Scarlean, for which the group had organized a crowdfunding that did not bring them 100% of the targeted amount, not 125%, but 157%! We wish them the best for the release of this album entitled 'Silence', that will be released on September 15th of this year!

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