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Yulia Ehwaz just released her new track entitled 'Ghost Town'

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

We were spoiled this Friday, January 21, 2022 with a new track of the EDM singer Yulia Ehwaz entitled 'Ghost Town'.

It's been almost a year since the young singer who worked most of the time with Artvision had released a new track. It is today that we discover with impatience an Electro track with the pretty voice of Yulia Ehwaz who decides to take back her independence in her career and starts new accounts on all the music streaming platforms (that we invite you to follow here) dedicated to her current career.

We can observe lyrics that shout 'Help!' and that take us elsewhere. Indeed, the lyrics describe us a person who feels alone, far from time, that nobody helps and who is even perhaps in danger. Someone who feels locked in a box with no clue how to open it.

The music video illustrates these words of loneliness rather well. We can see the beautiful Yulia Ehwaz, or at least her shadow, walking in front of lights with blue and purple shades. And sometimes, we see this beautiful singer, looking into the void, or letting herself be carried by the music. These are the only two protagonists: Yulia Ehwaz and her shadow. As if there was only her shadow to keep her company.

If you haven't already understood, we fell in love with this track and we hope you will too! Feel free to stream this song on all platforms!

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